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The definition of product manger is so flexible , that one finds himself  explaining to people what you do on a regular basis. Not only to my close surroundings but also to other people that work in tech and sometimes from the same company.

In one company, the PM is the CEO of the product. In others its a jack of all trades and in another he is the glow guy.

I don't know what is the right definition, but I do know what I bring to the table. 



This is my strongest trait. By asking the right questions I can analyse a situation and suggest several creative solutions or help others find one.

This happened more than once even in a field I have no background. I achieve this by asking the right questions and leading the other side to see things they might have not seen. 

Coming to a problem without prior knowledge might be a handicap, but also a blessing: when you don't know the common methods, you think out of the box almost by definition. 

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As my resume implies I moved between several industries with no connection what so ever and with no background in them.
I was able to do this due to my learning skills: when I see something I don't know I am not afraid to research it and understand it. It can be by myself or finding the right person with right questions. 
Not only I am not afraid of unknown situations I see it as a challenge.

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I wasn't raised by wolves but yet I mange to take care of my self with little guidance. When given an objective I will find a way to accomplish it.
When the path isn't paved yet - is were I bring the best results: looking for creative and unexpected solutions and process to achieve the goal.

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This might be the most important thing a PM needs: to know how to work with everyone: to hear them out, understand their situation and move them to action. A human CTA.

I learn so much from the people I meet and work with that though it starts as a professional relationship it usually develops to a more personal one.

The human connection makes me motivated to help the team succeed.

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​As seen in my work experience there are several PM skills that I master

  • Data analytics​ including SQL

  • User experience: Creating detailed wireframes, user personas and user stories

  • Writing PRD "ready to go" for development including and flow charts.

  • Running multiple projects in parallel in agile methodology

  • Data collection definition (Mixpanel etc)

  • Product marketing - Creative thinking on blog posts, social plans etc. Including writing them

  • Customer management

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