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I am an avid NBA fan, and I try to catch a game or two a week during the regular season and several games during the playoffs. But the time difference between Israel and USA makes the experience a bit more challenging: On weekdays, games start somewhere between 02 to 05 AM local time depending if it is an east cost or west cost game.


Because I prefer to wake up in a more "normal" hour, I usually catch up on League pass, the NBA viewing subscription. In most cases, by the time I start to watch, the broadcast is over so it starts from the most relevant logical point: the beginning.

But from time to time, I join in around 06, which means that some games are still in progress. And therein lies the problem: when I press play the app starts not at the beginning, but at the position the game is currently at

The problem

I have a very clear user persona: not a fan of a specific team (though there are a few I like more - TRUST THE PROCESS), I am in it for the thrill, action and drama. If I know the result, I will not go back and watch it again. I want to see how things evolved and not receive as a fact. This is also the reason I don't watch the condensed game option: it runs too fast and doesn't allow the tension of a close game to build up.

In order to overcome this I need to do some very complex juggling: I mute the sound, put my hands on the bottom part of the screen not to get a glimpse of the score. In this position I need to move the cursor in order to go back to the beginning

The solution

As I see it - the solution is simple: when selecting a game that is still in progress, add a screen with two buttons:

Pressing the first option the user will see the game from the first quarter. Pressing the second will put in the game as it proceeds.

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